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Food intolerances are the reactions you show to a particular type of food you eat. In this article, you will see some of the food items which can be intolerant to.

It has been surveyed that almost half of the population of the United Kingdom is suffering from food intolerance. And the intolerances can result in diabetes and obesity.

Knowing your intolerances can help you build a proper diet to stay healthy.

Here are the types of food intolerances.

1) Gluten

If you are suffering from Gluten intolerance, then your body will react to inflammatory responses

2) Oat

Oat Intolerance is one of the rarest. If you have it, you replace oat with quinoa, brown rice or millet.

3) Wheat

Wheat intolerance is closely related to gluten intolerance but it is not the same as that. Gluten is present inside wheat. Hence, those who are gluten intolerant will be wheat intolerant, but, those who are wheat intolerant can eat other food items which have gluten.


If your body is reacting to the food or drinks containing corn, then you have a corn intolerance. You can replace corn with either wheat or rice in your diet.


In case if seafood intolerance, consumption of fish, oysters, crab, shrimp, etc. can cause you a feeling of being unwell. The replacements can be many based on the kind of fatty acid the seafood has. You can eat green leafy vegetables, eggs, tofu, or sesame butter as an alternative.

6) Alcohol

The alcohol intolerance can be due to grapes present in the wine or the yeast, which ferments the drink. Depending on which ingredient is causing the intolerance, you can choose the appropriate alternative. Anyway, excess alcohol is not good for health.

To understand which type of intolerance you are going through, you need to take a food intolerance test. If you are finding food intolerance symptoms in you then go for intolerance testing.

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