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Sensitivity Retest


Have you completed a Sensitivity Test or Sensitivity Ultimate Test and want to see how your elimination diet is progressing? The sensitivity retest uses a new sample provided by you to test against the items you previously showed a positive result to (over 85% reaction), helping you better understand the positive effects of your change in diet.

  • Retest against every item you showed an over 85% reaction (positive sensitivity).
  • Online submission form, using your previous details and a new sample.
  • Results compare the new and old sample testsusingour handy traffic light system.
  • PDF results are sent securely to your email or the Global Sciences App.
  • Use as a tool to help you continue your elimination diet or further investigate continued symptoms.
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For the most efficient way to track your health journey, choose your retest at the time of purchase. Combining the initial test and the retest will save you money and ensure you get your retest after a period of at least 6 weeks. Simply fill out the details on your retest form, and send your sample, as you did with your first test. The comprehensive results are easy to understand and compare against the initial test.