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There are many misconceptions which lead to a confusion about whether you are suffering from a food allergy or a food sensitivity.

To clear this misconception, you must understand the two types of tests that are performed.

  1. igE (Immunoglobin E) Test
  2. igG (Immunoglobin G) Test
  1. IgE (Immunoglobin E) Test (Food Allergy)

IgE test is performed to know the type of food allergy you are suffering from. IgE antibodies are released immediately when a foreign agency enters your body, either through food or through inhalation. These antibodies travel through the blood and cause various reactions from the body. The reactions are immediate and very powerful. Some reactions can be sudden heavy breathing, swelling, and hives, etc.

For example, if you have an allergy to the smell of the flower Rose, once you inhale the smell, your body perceives the smell as poison. So, it releases the IgE antibodies, which are actually present to protect your body from external attacks. igE antibodies are made by B cells (a type of white blood cell which takes part in the immune system of the body).

  1. IgG (Immunoglobin G) Test (Food Sensitivity)

 IgG test is performed to know the type of food intolerance or food sensitivity you are suffering from. These antibodies help to fight against foreign agencies for a long time. The reactions are not immediate.

In this case, the reactions are not as severe as in case of a food allergy. The reactions may be uneasiness, stomach problems, rashes, mood changes, etc. The symptoms may take place either immediately after you have the intolerant food or after some days or months.

It is recommended that you must undergo an IgG test to check what kinds of food your body can sustain. It is just like identifying what kind of fuel you must use for your vehicle.

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