Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc, Author at Sensitivity Check

Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc

Health and Science Copywriter and Qualified Doctor

Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc, is a qualified medical doctor, With a passion for clear communication. Dr. Nightingale's expertise spans various industries, and he is also the editor of Big Picture, an online periodical addressing environmental and climatological issues.


  • Master of Science

  • Bachelor of Medicine

  • Bachelor of Surgery


  • University of York


  • Recognising Coeliac Disease Symptoms

    Recognising Coeliac Disease Symptoms

    Have you head of “gluten intolerance,” “gluten sensitivity,” or “coeliac disease”? Popularised in the media, awareness about these conditions has led to a trend of gluten-free diet. Yet, despite being used interchangeably, these conditions differ significantly in their presentation and severity. What they have in common, however, is gluten. Gluten is a structural protein found […]

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  • The Power Of A Food Sensitivity Test

    The Power Of A Hair Allergy Testing

    Food sensitivities are a problem for tens of thousands in Ireland. Whether it’s a hidden dairy allergy or a gluten intolerance, many individuals regularly experience digestive issues like abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, and other problems. Identifying the underlying cause isn’t easy – many people’s symptoms are mild enough to presume it’s just them, that life […]

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